Saint Sinner & Dimond Saints Release New Bass-Synth Track, "Lotus Flower (Special Edition)" [Listen/Watch] • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Screenshot via music video

Saint Sinner & Dimond Saints Release New Bass-Synth Track, “Lotus Flower (Special Edition)” [Listen/Watch]

Saint Sinner and Dimond Saints have teamed up to release a new collaborative single, “Lotus Flower (Special Edition).”

Released as a bonus track to Saint Sinner’s recent new album, Solo Album 1, “Silver Tears,” the two artists took the track and also released a “special edition,” adding more sonic flavor and electronic spice to the composition.

Clocking in just over three minutes and 30 seconds, “Lotus Flower (Special Edition)” sees the two creative collaborators put a synth-heavy, downtempo creative makeover to the track. A shimmering synth intro leads Saint Sinner’s vocals to carry to the front of the song before the bass kicks alongside dripping effects leading to the drop. The track’s breakdown oversees Dimond Saints’ influence in the track with pulsating synths echoing down to the final notes. Listen to “Lotus Flower (Special Edition)” below and on all streaming platforms here.


In addition to the new song release, Saint Sinner and Dimond Saints also released an accompanying music video. Set in slow motion, the video shows Saint Sinner and Dimond Saints playing the new track live before its official release on streaming platforms. Watch the video below.

“Lotus Flower (Special Edition)” – Saint Sinner, Dimond Saints


[Video: Saint Sinner]

Dimond Saints will set off on their Phase 1 of the Omens Tour next month and will headline Salt Lake City, UT’s Soundwell on March 12th as part of the spring 2022 Syndicate series. For tickets, head here. For more information, follow Dimond Saints on Facebook and Instagram below.