Syndicate Announces 2022 Spring Series: The Human Experience, Random Rab, More • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Ben Allen

Syndicate Announces 2022 Spring Series: The Human Experience, Random Rab, More

After a successful 2021 return, Syndicate has announced its 2022 four-part spring series.

Named after its dictionary definition, “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest,” Syndicate connects SLC’s underground communities and collectives for a monthly celebration centered around the ethos of co-creation, creative expression, community, and connection.

Syndicate’s 2022 spring series will kick off with a headlining performance by The Human Experience on January 29th. Social alchemist and music producer Ruby Chase and Moon Lotus will provide support for the evening. Less than a month after, Denver-based ethereal producer Dreamer’s Delight will headline the February 19th event alongside Russ Liquid and SLC-based organic house artist Simba Sax.

March 12th will see Syndicate’s home venue Soundwell light up with a nightly lineup of performances by Dimond Saints, Laika Beats, and The Dirtnap. A spring finale on April 9th will send SLC’s music community off with a fresh sense of self from a headlining set by sonic sculptor Random Rab. Koresma and Alex Unger will provide supporting performances for the evening.

Since its inception in June 2018, Syndicate has hosted dozens of world-renowned DJs, performers, and artists. Placing an emphasis on world bass music, while recently attempting to highlight the growing ritual house scene, Syndicate has brought the sounds of An-Ten-Nae, Atyya, Desert Dwellers, Dimond Saints, Frameworks, Goopsteppa, ill.Gates, KR3TURE, Late Night Radio, Marvel Years, The Human Experience, The Funk Hunters, saQi, Stickybuds, and more to Soundwell’s stage.

Tickets to Syndicate’s four-part spring series are now on sale here. Visit Syndicate on Facebook and Instagram below to stay up-to-date. See below for Syndicate’s full spring lineup.