Record Labels Join Music Climate Pact To Become Carbon Neutral By 2050 • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson

Record Labels Join Music Climate Pact To Become Carbon Neutral By 2050

In a double-win for the future of the music industry and combatting climate change, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group have signed the Music Climate Pact to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050, joining a collection of independent labels setting the same targets.

The major record labels pledged to be “climate positive” by 2026 and have joined a collection of independent labels alongside Ajunabeats, BMG, Inside Recordings, Warp, and more. Beggars Group and Ninja Tune have pledged for carbon neutrality by the end of 2021. All have signed the Music Climate Pact, which addresses unsustainable carbon-intensive activities such as touring, vinyl manufacturing, and music streaming.

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In addition to the emissions reductions, the labels have promised to measure carbon emissions across the entirety of the music industry, encouraging artists to discuss the climate crisis and work with streaming companies to track and reduce subsidiary emissions relating to music listening and fandom. Inspired by the climate summit COP26 and developed within the UN Environment Programme, the Music Climate Pact works alongside Science Based Targets and SME Climate Commitment to uphold its standards and pledge. Both schemes require signatories to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, and achieve a 50% reduction by 2030.

“The music community must take a leadership position on this most urgent of issues to support the work already being progressed by record labels to make their operations more sustainable. It means not just taking our own effective and coordinated industry action to respond to the climate crisis, but using the power of music to help inspire others in effecting meaningful change,” Geoff Taylor, chief executive BPI & BRIT Awards said.

In October, Coldplay helped set the stage for conscious touring artists, becoming one of the highest-profile acts to commit to a reduction in emissions, promising a 50% cut for their forthcoming world tour in comparison with their previous one.

Visit the Music Climate Pact website to see a full list of who has joined and additional information.