Yaima Inspires Intentional Music Journey In "Standing To Heal The Earth" [Photos] • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Alpine Music Photo

Yaima Inspires Intentional Music Journey In “Standing To Heal The Earth” [Photos]

Folktronic duo Yaima journeyed to Salt Lake City, UT’s Clubhouse last Wednesday evening to host a special intentional event, “Standing To Heal The Earth.”

Curated as an interactive evening of music, visionary art, and shared collective wisdom and insight, multi-instrumentalist Masaru Higasa and partnered vocalist Pepper Proud welcomed over 100 fans and friends into the shared space for a unique multi-sensory experience aimed to inspire internal exploration and foster a deeper connection and balance with ourselves, our community, and world. After a year of revoked interpersonal shared spaces and events, Yaima hosted an intimate, spiritual scene for a full body and soul rejuvenation among the collective community.

Centered around the four elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, the event invited community members to listen to their own inner knowing and connect on a deeper level into the universal wisdom of our world. Kicking off at 7 p.m., the sold-out crowd was welcomed into the space, comforted by yoga mats and glowing adorned alters. As a way to give healing to the Earth in trade of her wisdom, attendees were asked to place a token on one of the four element alters representing non-profit organizations to contribute to, including Our Children’s Earth Foundation, Pachamama Alliance, PureBlue, and RedRover.

Gentle music was played through for the opening social hour, and attendees were given a cup of Guatemalan cacao to consciously act on an intention for the evening.

“Through our sacred drink, let’s take a stand for ourselves, the planet, and each other. We can show up in presence to this ceremony with an intention for ourselves. Allow yourself to fully be here,” Innerlight Revival said.

Breathing into the cacao cups, attendees set their intentions for the evening before being led into an interactive breathwork journey. The 20-minute breathing exercise led participants to fully escape and feel into their bodies while connecting to the energy surrounding the intentioned space.

Revived and rejuvenated, Yaima greeted the space onstage to evoke a mystical dancefloor swirling among psychedelic art visuals and lights. Mas and Pepper weaved their soothing soundscapes for the remaining 90 minutes, fostering a spiritual and intentional listening and dancing experience for attendees. Whether through an individual or partnered ecstatic dance movement, the room held the space for Yaima’s enchanting vocals and ancient melodies, channeling Earth’s magic, beauty, and story.

The night was concluded with a collective group gathering to sing and engage to Pepper’s mesmerizing vocals in “Gajumaru.” A quiet moment was held for our own intentional thoughts and prayers to be sent and heard to Mother Earth, sending each person off to go out and share the energy into their lives and communities.

As the first of its kind, “Standing To Heal The Earth” marked a special event for the purpose and values represented through Yaima’s music. Just as their four-part album journey through Pellucidity, Ovo, Antidote, and forthcoming Nuclear represents the four elements, “Standing To Heal The Earth” brings an intentional and shared experience with attendees with movement, art, and community. Salt Lake City was the first community to share and experience Yaima’s immersive gathering, while Denver, CO closed off the two-part event. We hope to see more collective events from Yaima in the future, inspiring more artists to connect with fans on a deeper and focused intention through their music.

Below, you can view a full photo gallery of Yaima’s “Standing To Heal The Earth” courtesy of photographer Alpine Music Photo. For more information, visit Yaima’s website.