Alicia Keys: 'THE KEYS TO THE SUMMER TOUR' • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Ramon Rivas


A documentation of self-love and her own powerful pathway as a musician, Alicia Keys’ stop in Salt Lake City for THE KEYS TO THE SUMMER TOUR was a thought-provoking performance for the books. Keys radiated from a one-of-a-kind stage set in the center of the arena at Maverik Center, creating a fascinating spectacle. On a personal level, the show as a whole was a full-circle moment for me, reminding me of the influence she left on me in my childhood. A token of women empowerment, her show stopping delivery induced a sentimental impression on what it means to stay true to yourself.
Photo: Ramon Rivas
Opening up the show with chart-topper Fallin’, Alicia Keys led the audience through a journey of emotive expression. She connected to her audience in a vulnerable manner, opening up a motivational dialogue between songs. “It’s hard for me to admit when things are bothering me, but I’m in one of those moments,” Keys admits. Performing hits such as No One, If I Ain’t Got You and Girl on Fire, she hit all the right notes, plucking an emotional response from the audience which was palpable. A well-loved segment included her performance of Superwoman, while a diverse display of women’s smiling faces beamed on the overhead screen.
The themes of the beauty of womanhood, knowing your worth and accepting your unique role in this world reflected the staple of her legacy. Within the container of collective admiration for her artistry, Alicia Keys guided the audience not only through her array of talent, but also through a deeply soulful experience.

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