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Written by: Shay Coulson

What’s on the Horizon at Granary Live

Granary Live made quite an impression for its debut season last year, bringing a mixed bag of talent to Salt Lake City including hip-hop artist Don Toliver, reggae legend Shaggy and a sold out show with Stick Figure. As its sophomore season approaches, a budding partnership between LNE Presents and S&Stwo of Utah’s largest entertainment companies – makes way for new developments at the massive outdoor venue. With artists such as Mt. Joy and Khruangbin on the lineup this year, they’re expecting new innovations, new crowds and another year of phenomenal live music. We sat down with Dustin Turley, a core member of S&S‘s talented team, to get the inside scoop on what’s on the horizon at Granary Live. Tune in and turn up:

Volume: What is your role for S&S and how does that role play into the amazing season ahead of us at Granary Live?

Turley: I am a Talent Buyer with S&S. Within this role I lead conversations and work with agents and artists to secure a date and come to an agreement when booking acts.

Volume: What makes Granary Live stand out from other surrounding venues and how is it shaping the music scene in SLC?

Turley: There are a few things that make Granary Live stand out. The first being that this venue is in a prime location right outside of downtown and it’s outdoors. Utah is known as an outdoor state and our community loves the chance to be outside. Pair that with world renowned artists and musicians and you get an experience like none other in Salt Lake City.

Volume: We’re loving the collaborative effort between LNE and S&S for Granary Live’s 2024 season. What is a common goal you share or something that makes this collaboration special in your eyes?

Turley: I think both S&S and LNE share a common love for bringing live music events to our greater community. The goal is to ultimately create a safe and fun experience for all of our guests. 

Volume: Can you share any new or unique developmental changes coming to Granary Live this year?

Turley: Keep your eyes peeled! Lot’s of new improvements on the horizon for Granary Live!

Volume: Have there been any important improvements or changes taking place this year at Granary Live to improve the experience, based on last year’s feedback from fans?

Turley: There is always room for improvements as things grow and listening to our guests, artists we host, staff, etc. is imperative. S&S and LNE have combined years of experience in the live event world and are always working towards leveling up the experience for our artists and fans alike.

Volume: What criteria did you use, if any, to select artists performing this year at Granary Live, including big names such as Mt. Joy, Khruangbin and Tokischa? Are you focused on a specific genre or demographic?

Turley: I wouldn’t say we are necessarily focused on a specific genre at any time. The criteria is simply to have a diverse line-up that has a bit of something for everyone. Granary Live is a place for families as well as the typical college party kid and beyond.

Photo: Cameo Tamala

Volume: What have been some challenges in planning this year’s concert season at Granary Live, and how are you overcoming them?

Turley: The one challenge, which is also one of Granary Live‘s biggest perks, is that the venue is outside. Weather can always be challenging and we only have a specific time frame in the warmer months where we are able to do events in this space.

Volume: Which upcoming performing artist are you personally looking forward to the most at Granary this season?

Turley: There are a few! Very excited to see some Kilby Block Party alum with Goth Babe and Gus Dapperton who is supporting Still Woozy. Both of these shows will be really fun. Khruangbin will have an insane live set, excited for that one as well.

Volume: Is there anything else you would like to share with us about what’s on the horizon at Granary Live?

Turley: Lots of shows on the horizon this year, don’t miss out! Tickets on-sale now at Granarylive.com 😉

What Dustin is currently listening to:

Check out Granary Live’s current lineup and purchase tickets below:
5.31.24: Tokischa
6.18.24: Cavetown & Mother Mother
6.21.24: Country Music Cookout
6.22.24: The Movement
6.23.24: Hawthorne Heights
7.19.24: The Roots
8.10.24: Billy Currington and Kip Moore
8.13.24: Mt. Joy
8.17.24: Iration & Pepper
8.24.24: Khruangbin
9.29.24: The National and The War On Drugs
10.08.24: Goth Babe
10.10.24: Still Woozy

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