UPDATE: T-Pain Drops New Album Showcasing His Real Vocal Abilities • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Pencil Fingerz

UPDATE: T-Pain Drops New Album Showcasing His Real Vocal Abilities

We all felt lucky this past weekend when Grammy-award winning artist T-Pain dropped his highly anticipated and long-awaited album On Top Of The Covers on March 17th. In this new covers album, T-Pain chose to show off his real vocal talents, which fans have been begging for for years. The wonder of his non-AutoTuned vocals was discovered after he performed The National Anthem at a handful of sporting events, and shocked audiences as the winner of the first season of FOX’s The Masked Singer!

Breaking away from his signature auto-tuned sound, this album reimagines an eclectic and unexpected group of songs from hit artists and performers such as Black Sabbath, Chris Stapleton, Frank Sinatra, and Sam Smith. T-Pain’s stunningly soulful and smooth voice is front and center throughout the album’s seven tracks.

“You’ve been asking for it and here ya go bro,” he wrote in an Instagram post last month. “A T-Pain cover album to end all cover albums”. The icon also hinted at an upcoming set of intimate shows that has us on the edge of our seats.

Although he plans to switch up his style temporarily, T-Pain acknowledges that Auto-Tune has always been a big money maker for him. Earlier this month, he admitted that he used to earn money every time an artist used auto-tune, calling those early days of his career “crazy.”

The last time T-Pain performed in Utah was December of 2022 at The Maverik Center alongside Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and The Ying Yang Twins. Where are you hoping to see him perform On Top Of The Covers?

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