Theory Of A Deadman Drop New Single & Announce Studio Album • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Jay Dunbar

Theory Of A Deadman Drop New Single & Announce Studio Album

Multi-platinum rock band Theory Of A Deadman has released their new single “Ambulance” alongside the announcement their new studio album, Dinosaur, will be released March 17th.

“Ambulance” is a recklessly raucous and righteously catchy party song, getting us on the edge of our seats for the album to come. You can stream “Ambulance” on all platforms here!

Dinosaur, the band’s eighth full-length, also features the anthemic lead single and title track “Dinosaur”. The album is available for pre-order now here.

Dinosaur is by far one of the most fun albums we’ve ever made,” shares front man Tyler Connolly. “Our fans are gonna love the return of the riff rock and the classic Theory signature songs, like ‘Ambulance.’ This song is all about that one night you have way too much fun with your friends where you feel like you’re gonna end the night in the back of an ambulance! Dig in and hold on!”

Tyler Connolly [lead vocals, guitar], Dave Brenner [guitar, backing vocals], Dean Back [bass], and Joey Dandeneau [drums, backing vocals] — officially introduced this new chapter in October with the release of “Dinosaur.” The hard-hitting song’s riff lumbers ahead with all the swaggering force of a T-Rex and the grace of a Brontosaurus, while Connolly sinks his teeth into one of the band’s biggest and boldest choruses yet: “Hey kids, boys and girls, now we’ve really done it, it’s the end of the world…Now, we’re going out, going out like the dinosaur.” Since its release, “Dinosaur” has amassed 4 million total streams.

Theory Of A Deadman will perform tracks off Dinosaur for audiences worldwide throughout the year on a co-headlining tour with Skillet. While SLC is not yet on this list, we are hopeful that the iconic team will add a stop for us along the way, considering how much fun we had with them last October at The Complex! You can see all tour dates and stops here.


  1.     Dinosaur
  2.     Medusa (Stone)
  3.     Sick
  4.     Two of Us (Stuck)
  5.     Ambulance
  6.     Sideways
  7.     Get In Line
  8.     Head In the Clouds
  9.     Heart’s Too Wild
  10.     Summer Song

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