SLC's Superhouse Releases New Experimental Pop Single, "Blurry" [Stream/Listen] • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson

SLC’s Superhouse Releases New Experimental Pop Single, “Blurry” [Stream/Listen]

It’s been two weeks since Salt Lake City trio Superhouse dropped their latest single, “Blurry” and we still can’t stop listening to it.

If you’re not familiar with Superhouse, you probably should be. The trio – comprised of songwriters and producers Jay Handly, Austin Handly, and Shayne Graham – recently emerged into the music scene the last year in a desire for connection in a lost digital age. Built on a foundation of indie-pop with core components of hyperpop, new-age rock, and avant-garde sensibilities, Superhouse has been actively writing and releasing new music, leading up to the eventual debut album.

“Blurry” comes as an authentic and raw expression for the trio. The three-and-a-half-minute electro-pop track kicks off with a steady percussion beat before the three members each take lead on the verses for their own personal touch on how they stumble and learn their way through life. The choral verse, “Get me back, need a breath, feeling fake as fuck / On my back, need a hit, think of something else / You believe what I said? / It’s a tragedy / I’m wandering back in a blurry state of mind” touches on the relatable feeling of imposter syndrome, getting pulled away from what matters by distracting forces, and lying to yourself through it all.

“Blurry” (Official Lyric Video) – Superhouse


[Video: Superhouse]

“I struggle following through on goals. I fall into bad habits. We can be rotten when we don’t have the confidence to face ourselves and fess up, we can lie to the ones we love, and cover up our lives with the haze of drugs to deal with problems and depression,” Jay Handly remarked on the new single.

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