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Written by: Shay Coulson

LNE Opens New Music Venue in Park City

A new leaf has turned as the LNE Presents empire ushers in the grand opening of their newest venue, The Marquis. Located in the prestigious ski town of Park City, a hot spot for tourism and rich in cultural development, The Marquis has the potential to make tremendous noise in the music scene. We had the pleasure of sitting down with owner Vaughn Carrick to explore the motivation behind the venture, along with the vision for the venue’s future. In addition to LNE’s well-established Utah venues – including SoundwellSky, and Granary Live – The Marquis is an impressive expansion of the company’s venue portfolio which now traverses beyond the boundaries of Salt Lake County and into new stomping grounds.
The opening of LNE’s newest venue in Park City – The Marquis – is a huge feat for your company. Tell us about the inspiration behind choosing this space.
Carrick: I’ve always had my eye on the venue. I got my start in the music industry handling street team efforts when it was Harry O’s. To be able to come back with my team 12+ years later is a true full-circle moment. It’s much more than just adding another venue to our portfolio, it’s about the venue’s history and how we can contribute to it in a way that upholds the iconic nature of the building moving forward.
What unique elements do you hope to bring to the live music scene in Park City?
Carrick: The venue as a whole is what we’re bringing to the live music scene. Kenny Griswold, who owns the building, has done a tremendous job renovating the room from top to bottom, but the most exciting part is the sound system that has been installed. The choice to install an L-Acoustic K3 sound system, designed by the esteemed sound designer Dave Rat, reflects a dedication to providing an unparalleled concert experience and sets a new standard for live music in Park City and the state.
With huge names such as Nas and Louis the Child ushering in the grand opening, what is something you are most excited about in bringing this caliber of musical talent to Park City?
Carrick: While we will cater to the touring acts rolling through the market, our vision is to provide exceptional concert experiences that allow fans to see their favorite artists in a very intimate setting. The artists we plan to grace the stage are accustomed to performing in larger venues, adding to the exclusivity of the event.
What are your long-term goals for the venue, and how do you envision it contributing to the cultural development of the community?
Carrick: With the rapid growth that’s taking place in Park City and surrounding areas, our goal is to be the heart and soul of the town. In addition to offering all music genres, we will be available to the community for fundraising, corporate, and private events year-round.
Can you share any community partnerships or collaborations that are already established to assist in the growth of The Marquis?
Carrick: Although there are no specific partnerships or collaborations at this time, the community has shown great support for the venue. Mayor Nann Worel and other city officials have been pivotal in getting the venue open for its opening next weekend.
How do you expect The Marquis to differ from other venues under the prestigious LNE franchise such as Sky, Soundwell, and Granary Live?
Carrick: The Marquis experience will consist of elements from the various venues that LNE Presents owns, as they form the core of our identity. Nevertheless, what will set Marquis apart is the magic that will come from the venue. The scale of the events in the room and the artists on the stage will be something truly special.
The Marquis opens its doors this Thursday, December 28th with headliner Nas. Grab your tickets to celebrate its grand opening HERE, and stay up to speed on all things The Marquis on Instagram @themarquispc and on their website at themarquispc.com

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