Disco Box Week 6 ft. Maenad & Supernovaa • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

Disco Box Week 6 ft. Maenad & Supernovaa

Who run the world? GIRLS. This Friday’s sixth rendition of Disco Box lights up Main Street with some almighty Girl Power, featuring DJs Maenad & Supernovaa. Trailblazing the scene as two of Salt Lake’s powerhouse female performers, this is looking like a pair to be reckoned with.

Maenad is in a realm of her own, giving us all the fairy DJ vibes we’ve been craving. She’s made one of her largest marks igniting dance floors at Element 11 – Utah’s sanctioned Burning Man – and is well known for her contagiously high energy on the decks. Sharing her musical gifts with local collectives such as Fervor and DYKED, Maenad adds distinguished value with her melodic rhythms and radical self-expression.


Launching her DJ career earlier this year, Supernovaa lives up to her name, making bright strides on the scene in such a short amount of time. Since her launch, she has taken massive leaps in the valley, hosting “ALL GIRLS, ALL HOUSE, ALL DAY” at SKY SLC and taking stage at Blaq Void and Soundwell. With a specialty in house music, Supernovaa continues her ascension, shining a light on the next generation of Salt Lake’s DJ scene.


The forecast is lookin’ mighty fine for this Friday’s Disco Box, so rally your squad and head over to Exchange Place to feel the Girl Power!

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