Disco Box Week 3 ft. Regular Ass Dude & Alex Unger • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

Disco Box Week 3 ft. Regular Ass Dude & Alex Unger

For the past two weekends, Main Street in Downtown Salt Lake City has transformed into a walkable and cultural hub of art, entertainment and music. At this year’s Open Streets, there’s something for everyone – including a free silent-disco dance party known as the Disco Box. 

Each Friday of Open Streets, Disco Box hosts two local DJs spinning simultaneously in a “choose your own adventure” experience. Flow between channels to get a taste of each DJ’s unique set from 8-11pm at Exchange Place.

Week 3 comes in blazing hot with talent as DJs and producers Regular Ass Dude and Alex Unger ignite the Disco Box. Both sharing spheres and stages at events such as Syndicate and Building Man, this pairing is certain to leave you vying for more. Although this week’s throwdown illuminates an emphasis on bass and trap, the duo deliver diverse frequencies within their production, creating realms of electronic flurry.

DJ Regular Ass Dude

DJ Alex Unger

Meet us this Friday, September 29th for the third rendition of Disco Box with Regular Ass Dude and Alex Unger.

Discover more adventures unfolding at this year’s Open Streets at downtownslc.org/openstreets