Disco Box Week 2 ft. Geovante & Hatama • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

Disco Box Week 2 ft. Geovante & Hatama

Have you heard the word on the streets? A shipping container carrying precious cargo has taken over Downtown SLC and the party is just getting started… 

Enter the DISCO BOX: a FREE silent-disco dance party hosted by Volume Utah at this year’s Open Streets! Located in the central hub of Exchange Place directly on Main Street, the streets are wide open for pedestrian use only and the adventure awaits. Week two is heating up with DJs Geovante and Hatama in an epic throwdown of electronic mixes. 

DJ Geovante

DJ Hatama

Both DJs on this Friday’s bill share strong values in cultivating conscious community and tapping into the power of music as a means of ultimate expression. Also sharing experience in performing at several Ecstatic Dances, they are amplifying dance floors in prominent spaces by exhibiting powerful passion towards their craft.

Your Friday plans just leveled up…make sure to stop by Disco Box to experience Geovante and Hatama in their element!

Discover more adventures unfolding at this year’s Open Streets at downtownslc.org/openstreets