Magic City Hippies Blossom On Third Studio Album, 'Water Your Garden' [Stream/Listen] • Volume
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Written by: Mikala Lugen | Photo(s) by: Via Magic City Hippies' Facebook

Magic City Hippies Blossom On Third Studio Album, ‘Water Your Garden’ [Stream/Listen]

It’s been five days since Miami-based indie-funk trio Magic City Hippies released their third album, Water Your Garden and we’re still unable to turn down the volume.

Water Your Garden follow’s 2019’s Modern Animal and is the band’s first album created while all members were living in separate places around the U.S. Referenced through the title, Water Your Garden is a collection of songs with overarching themes of focusing on your independent health, self-care, and the relationships in your life. Known for a genre-blend of psychedelia, funk, rock, and hip-hop, Magic City Hippies’ Water Your Garden reflects more of an introspective, mature collection of tracks.

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The 11-song collection spans just under 35 minutes for an immersive listening experience, invoking relatable feelings through honest lyrics, bouncy rhythms, and funky bass grooves. The trio also paired vocal collaborators, Nafets, maye, and R&B artist Tim Atlas for added sonic ranges to the old-school, Mac Miller-inspired beat “High Beams,” title track “Water Your Garden,” and soulful melody “Therapy.”

“Water Your Garden” – Magic City Hippies ft. maye


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The trio’s Robby Hunter talked about the new album,

“This record is distinct from our previous two in that it was made in a more enjoyable, less grueling process and that it featured songs written by all band members for the first time. Our previous records mostly started as voice notes of simple acoustic demos that Pat would then take apart and produce from the ground up, as well as a few songs per album that started as loops or beats that Pat made with a wordless melodic hook already worked out. We would then take these songs and work on them in the studio with an intense focus and a goal to exhaust all possible options for arrangements, sounds etc. that could make the record the best possible. The intro track ‘Garden Fiya’ started as a production experiment instrumental that Pat made late one night to blow off steam, but the rest of the album come from demos produced by Robby and John at home in their relatively new home studios. As a result of these initial incubation periods, the songs all came to Pat, the band producer, a little further along in form and direction, allowing us to follow the inspiration of the original version of the song and to more confidently decide a vibe and sonic base for each new song.”

Stream Water Your Garden below and listen on all streaming platforms here. Magic City Hippies are currently in the midst of nationwide tour in support of the new album and will headline Salt Lake City, UT’s The Commonwealth Room on February 6th. For tickets, head here. For a full list of upcoming tour dates and additional information, visit the trio’s website.