Donovan Mitchell Announces Departure From Utah Jazz To Pursue DJ Dream • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Draft Kings

Donovan Mitchell Announces Departure From Utah Jazz To Pursue DJ Dream

Utah Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell has announced he will be stepping away from his NBA career to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional DJ. Instead of mixing plays, fans can find him mixing music in the near future.

The news of Mitchell’s departure comes after the Jazz suffered five consecutive losses. Mitchell is the Jazz’s leading scorer, and has averaged 26.0 points per game this season, but feels as though the time has come for a career change. Although he was able to lead the team to victory last night against the Los Angeles Lakers, after the string of defeats the past couple of weeks, Mitchell was quoted saying he was “tired of the same sh*t,” and felt as though he had completed his mission with the Jazz.

Mitchell has had a passion for music, drumming in particular, since he was young, saying it was his thing to do “off the court.” During the NBA 2018 All-Star Weekend, the league hosted a “Talent Challenge,” allowing the NBA’s brightest stars to show off their off-the-court talents. Mitchell was more than excited to showcase his passion for music. While drumming was at the focal point of his lifelong hobby, he’s excited to take his love for the beat to the next level. After flirting with stardom on the athletic side of things, Mitchell believes he’s ready to take on a more creative identity.

Donovan Mitchell Talent Challenge 2018


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“I remember when I was drafted, I wanted to run around and make a bunch of plays and make an impact,” Mitchell reminisced. “It’s all about just trying to continue to grow and continuing to work hard.”

Even though Mitchell is the Utah Jazz’s pride and joy, head coach Quin Snyder has nothing but good things to say about the transition, commenting, “I’m extremely proud of Donovan…it’s a form of expression, and something that he feels is personally important to him.”

Mitchell will begin his DJ dream under the name “Spida,” which is fitting for him, considering that’s been his nickname and alias since he was a child. The Jazz’s next game is Saturday, April 2nd against the Golden State Warriors. It will be a challenge for them to overcome this sudden change in their lineup, or, perhaps maybe it won’t be, since this is an April Fool’s Day joke.