DEKAI Unleashes New Immersive EP, 'LEVEL UP' [Stream] • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson

DEKAI Unleashes New Immersive EP, ‘LEVEL UP’ [Stream]

Salt Lake City-based artist DEKAI has released his new EP, LEVEL UP.

Following the footsteps of true creatives like ill.Gates, LEVEL UP unveils the producer’s ability to craft a complete sonic universe, both audibly and digitally. The EP features six original tracks and provides full immersion via the accompanying “extra dimensional” visual experience. Introduced through segmented video chapters, listeners can experience watching TV in some sort of alternate dimension as each track tells a visual story composed of different themes from life experiences.


“I’ve always had a passion for creating art and music, but it’s been a dream of mine to put this type of immersive experience together,” DEKAI said. “Using all of the things I’ve learned to create an experience, to make people feel something, and allow them to experience art in ways they haven’t seen before. There is so much more room in this world to explore, to grow, and to create. This particular body of work in so many ways tells my own story about life, love, and leveling up… in music, in my career, and as a person. But truthfully, it’s an anthem for all of us. We’re all in this experience together.”

DEKAI’s audio and visual experience is also highlighted in his live show, which uses a custom-coded system that allows him to have complete control over the stage visuals, lighting, and more while performing.

DEKAI’s home state fans will have the chance to experience his debut new live show and hear LEVEL UP at Syndicate‘s Abominable Snowbunny Ball at Soundwell tomorrow, December 11th alongside ill.Gates. Tickets can be found here. For additional information, visit DEKAI’s website.

Stream LEVEL UP below and all streaming platforms here.