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Cera Gibson Lets Her Wit Shine In Sultry New Single “Daddy” [Stream/Listen]

Salt Lake City musician Cera Gibson lets her wit shine in sultry new single “Daddy,” marrying her two worlds with captivating vocals.

While her live performances carry an unmatched elegance, fans familiar with Cera’s online personality know her presence beyond the music to include an irreverent collection of spot-on comedy and satirical musings.

Amassing nearly half a million followers on TikTok over recent years, Cera consistently creates content ranging from astute social insights to sexualized parodies of popular media. It’s the latter that earned her label ‘Mommy/Daddy’ from her fans, which soon took on a life of its own, not only changing the course of Cera’s social presence but cultivating an energetic and highly-engaged following.

From her success on socials, Cera was catapulted into an opening slot for Marc Rebillet, selling out her EP release show, and headlining her first tour in 2022, of which multiple stops sold out.

It’s this dichotomy that proves Cera Gibson a perenially-fascinating musician, commentator, and provocateur, ever-present in this first single of a new body of work aimed at capturing both of these audiences.

In the new single “Daddy,” produced by Tyler Harris of future.exboyfriend, Cera’s lyrics invite vulnerability from a masculine partner while delivering the message with a tongue-in-cheek, ‘Dom Mommy’ attitude.

While the words are delivered with a suggestive smile reminiscent of her online presence, the instrumentation is clearly a Cera Gibson original composition, fitting seamlessly into her existing discography.

Cera Gibson is Mommy yet Daddy, Sad Bitch yet Bad Bitch.

Stream “Daddy” below and listen now on all streaming platforms, and get tickets to her show coming March 11th at Urban Lounge here.

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