Marking New Territory with Dirtwire • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

Marking New Territory with Dirtwire

Providing a sanctuary for music enthusiasts under a gathering of creative spirits, the Dirtwire Journey Retreat at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch opened up new possibilities for greatness. The ranch itself is much more than an event space; it’s an energetic vortex catering to those who seek to reconnect with nature and to themselves. Holistic land management is the name of the game here, making it a deeply transformative space for a three-day sound healing journey. After a long hiatus, this special retreat and the land’s magic brought band members Evan, Mark and David back together for a weekend of live music, forming the one and only Dirtwire.

Multi-instrumentalists with an earthy edge, Dirtwire’s diverse knowledge of music makes for a ceremonial concert experience. Masterful and intent with their work, their live performances sculpt space for both conscious connection and free movement. Dirtwire assembles an epic blend of global beats, electronica and harmonious healing sounds. Their music is a groovy gateway for desert dwellers, creating a scene reminiscent of a psychedelic rodeo.

On night one, the space came alive with a cacao ceremony facilitated by Adam Sheild & Izzy White Eagle of Tree of Light – a non-profit Indigenous organization. Cacao is an ancient plant medicine deriving from Central and South America and commonly used in spiritual practices to open the heart. The ceremony closed out by honoring the four directions and setting intentions for the weekend. Participants got the opportunity to partake in a melting pot of various workshops throughout the weekend, including a jaw harp workshop led by Dirtwire themselves. Night two commenced in the ranch’s “Siloon”, a temple-like soundroom carved into the land featuring an impressive surround-sound system. Dirtwire and TbirdLuv guided a rejuvenating four-hour sound journey within the space, including unique instrumental layering and soothing frequencies. It set the groundwork as attendees prepared for the final night’s lively two-part concert. Illuminating the Siloon for one final bang of the weekend, Dirtwire ushered an epic love letter to the land in a memorable experience, rippling their sonic signature across the rolling green landscape. A fire crackled in the background underneath an incredible meteor shower as feet whirled well into the night. 

Banding together free-spirits, creators, dreamers and musicians, Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch held a marvelous space for an unforgettable weekend. Aside from Dirtwire, other highly esteemed figures in adjacent movements have utilized the ranch, such as visual artist Alex Grey, comedian and actor Russell Brand and musician East Forest. It’s no surprise that some of their most prized pieces of work were created here, as the ranch comes equipped with a prestigious recording studio, an on-site restaurant called Sweetwater Kitchen and miles of open land to wander. Whether hosting weddings, special events or musical performances, Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch excels in bringing communities together. The Dirtwire Journey Retreat initiated a new territory of what’s possible, not only for the ranch, but for Dirtwire too. 

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