Your Week Ahead: Who's Playing May 1st - 7th • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

Your Week Ahead: Who’s Playing May 1st – 7th

So many concerts, so little time. Living in Salt Lake City’s thriving music community is all fun and games until you’re overwhelmed with endless possibilities of live music nearly every night of the week. Thankfully, we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list of all the major venue’s shows this week so you can keep track of your live music calendar.

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Monday, May 1st

Anime Girlfriend, Taphy

6:00pm Mon, May 1 | Kilby Court

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Xiu Xiu

7:00pm Mon, May 1 | Urban Lounge

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Brooks Nielsen

8:00pm Mon, May 1 | The State Room

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Tuesday, May 2nd

Against The Current + Trophy Eyes

6:00pm Tue, May 2 | The Complex

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Hippo Campus

6:00pm Tue, May 2 | Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

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Real Friends & Knuckle Puck

8:00pm Tue, May 2 | Soundwell SLC

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Wednesday, May 3rd


5:00pm Wed, May 3 | The Complex

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Ruston Kelly – The Weakness Tour

7:00pm Wed, May 3 | The Depot

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Aaron Golay & The Original Sin

7:00pm Wed, May 3 | Kilby Court

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Thursday, May 4th

Modern Speed

6:00pm Thu, May 4 | Urban Lounge

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Icon For Hire w/ Hooked Like Helen

7:00pm Thu, May 4 | Soundwell SLC

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7:00pm Thu, May 4 | Kilby Court

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Skinny Puppy: Final Tour

7:00pm Thu, May 4 | The Complex

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Therapy Thursdays: Dr Fresch

9:30pm Thu, May 4 | Sky SLC

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Friday, May 5th

Waterparks: The Property Tour

6:00pm Fri, May 5 | The Depot

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6:00pm Fri, May 5 | Soundwell SLC

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TWRP & Magic Sword

7:00pm Fri, May 5 | The Complex

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Cobra Man

7:00pm Fri, May 5 | Metro Music Hall

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Avey Tare: 7’s Tour

9:00pm Fri, May 5 | Urban Lounge

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9:00pm Fri, May 5 | Sky SLC

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Saturday, May 6th


5:00pm Sat, May 6 | Ogden Amphitheater

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6:00pm Sat, May 6 | The Complex

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Lil Wayne

7:00pm Sat, May 6 | The Complex

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Molchat Doma Tour 2023

7:00pm Sat, May 6 | The Depot

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Marshall Van Leuven

7:00pm Sat, May 6 | Urban Lounge

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8:00pm Sat, May 6 | Soundwell SLC

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George Michael Reborn

9:00pm Sat, May 6 | The Commonwealth Room

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Sky Saturdays: Blessed1

9:00pm Sat, May 6 | Sky SLC

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Sunday, May 7th

Yungblud: The World Tour

7:00pm Sun, May 7 | The Complex

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Kerala Dust

8:00pm Sun, May 7 | Soundwell SLC

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