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Written by: Salt Rave City | Photo(s) by: V2 Presents

Our Pinch Charming Is Back: Get Lucky 2024

Shamrocks, rainbows, mushrooms, and your favorite thing that’s green. Look no further, EDM’s festival season is upon us with Get Lucky 2024 taking place this Friday and Saturday March 8th and 9th at the Great Saltair. 

Although we’ve had no shortage of shows lately, Get Lucky is sneakily one of our favorites every year and here’s why. Not only is this festival the first local, large-scale festival since October (feels like eons ago), but Get Lucky signals spring is near. It’s a new beginning to festival season for both ravers and some artists, where no one is tired of traveling and touring. Best of all, it’s so damn easy to dress for – just wear green.

In case you missed it, promoter V2 Presents puts together a great FAQ list here. If it’s your first Get Lucky, every person in existence has wondered if the tent (outdoor stage) will be cold. The short answer is no. That tent cooks.

Now, if you are that person that stands in the back (by the doors), doesn’t dance, and doesn’t wear a layer of liquid courage… then OK bring a hoodie. If you’re moving, dancing, or standing anywhere near the stage, you will barely notice you are outside. Will that solve your problems of being freezing cold waiting for your Uber ride home? No and good luck. Pro tip: if you’re not taking the shuttles, use the scheduling feature to limit the wait time outside!

Set times, set times, set times. They will come, be patient. They are usually posted the week of the show. We can safely say, we know who is playing where and when. Check out day-by-day set times and stages HERE to plan your days. Other than that, let’s take a deeper dive into the line up and why Get Lucky’s is something you should be excited for this March.


Dillon Francis is a huge name that you’ve all heard of and he’s been a frequent visitor to Utah. He’s known for a genre called moombahton (house and reggaeton), but also plays a ton of trap. If you’ve never seen him, don’t be fooled by some of his mainstream hits, the dude can throw down. Get Lucky started posting some snazzy artist spotlights on their IG page, and compared his sound to the likes of Skrillex, Major Lazer, and Diplo. For what it’s worth he’s also an absolute personality. Recently, a post came out where he plugged in and started mixing a USB full of fart tracks on stage. The best part was the crowd didn’t notice.

Flux Pavilion will be our homer plug for the weekend and a set we will not be missing. If you haven’t caught him at a major festival, this is only his 4th time touring the states being from the UK. We’d like to meet someone who hasn’t heard “I Can’t Stop” (still mixed at every festival we’ve been to since 2010), but we’re stoked to hear his signature dubstep and bass sound at Get Lucky. Be on the lookout for his new song with Excision and Saint Raymond called “On Forever.” He also has collabs with Childish Gambino, Dillon Francis, and Steve Aoki, and mixes to the tune of Skrillex, Jamiroquai, MIA and DJ Fresch. 

Marten Horger is a German icon and a trailblazer in the bass house genre. In 2021, he was ranked by “1001 Tracklists” as the 33rd most influential electronic artist of the year. Horger’s mix of techno, house, and bass has been deemed “The Future.” Not exactly sure what that means, but think along the lines of feel-good, bass house bops. Good chance this set is going to be one of the more sought after party vibes on Friday.

As much as we enjoy house, Odd Mob B2B Omnom should bring the dynamic bass-infused house sound that you can’t resist. Simply put, the house set that even head bangers will enjoy. The pair had a track drop last fall called “Losing Control” that put both of them back on the DJ heat map. If you enjoy Chris Lake, Walker and Royce, Dom Dolla, John Summit, Disclosure, etc. you should like this B2B. 

Dr. Fresch B2B Habstrakt is a wonky yet hype house pairing. We’re closing our eyes trying to imagine a harder house set during the weekend. Can’t do it. This should be a nice mix of rap/hip-hop and house, with a healthy amount of mid-tempo and future bass. Kind of mind blowing if you think about that all mashed together. The twosome have a new track together called “Enemy.” Comps make us lean toward a Rezz, Malaa, or One True God.

Ever heard of HARD events or the HARD Summer Music Festival? Yeah, that’s Destructo. He’s not only the godfather of HARD, but an OG in the industry known for blending house with hip hop. Destructo was hosting and producing underground Los Angeles raves in the early 90’s, which also makes him the godfather of Get Lucky at 53 years old. Leave the age jokes to us and don’t try it from the dance floor, please. Think of Shiba San or AC Slater as similar.

Bear Grillz will be heavy dubstep. Personally, we associate his music with the face-melting, neck-breaking, and heavy-hitting riddim. Definitely the highest likelihood for a mosh-pit if that’s your thing. We link Bear Grillz with Wooli, Ray Volpe, and Kompany.

Smoakland and Sippy have been touring together for the last month. Not sure why, but the sound of two former jocks traveling around with an Aussie and smoking weed sounds like a highlight reel. We’re giving this throuple the “Most Likely to Get Down with the Crowd” award. This set should be some dubstep and wompy bass. Nice.

Cannabliss floats between a lot of genres but according to her website, mostly experimental and future bass. She’s on Liquid Stranger’s label, WAKAAN, so expect some trippy and wubby sounds from her set. Cannabliss is one of those names that we’ve seen around (credit to her self-marketing), but she is definitely still an up and coming artist.

Aweminus plays dubstep but is also associated with drum and bass. Per sampling on Spotify, we caught some riddim and trench (repetitive bass lines and darker sound). He’s worked with Svdden Death and looks to be coming out with a new EP this year. 


After limited drum and bass on Friday, the D&B fam is screaming somewhere right now. Yes, Chase & Status really is playing in Salt Lake. If you missed our announcement piece earlier this year, the UK duo only has six U.S. dates announced on their tour this year: Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Denver, Atlanta, and… UTAH. All of them are sold out by the way. With 6.7M monthly listeners on Spotify, we’re not asking you to be screaming, we’re requiring it.

San Holo is a great name to see back on a V2 line up. He’s extremely talented and can play multiple instruments including the guitar. If you’re newer to the EDM scene, this could be a fun one to check out and will feature melodic bass. Along the same lines as Porter Robinson, Jai Wolf, and Taska Black. The last time he was in town he played an outdoor set at America First Field…outside of the bowl on the plaza. Feel like this is a much better venue for his return, and not sure we’ve heard anyone say bad things about his music! 

What So Not is another Australian bass artist on the line up. But he’s not just any bass artist, as he’s established himself over the last decade by staying creative and pushing the narrative on what bass music is. We slide him into the category with RL Grime, Just A Gent, and Flux Pavillion, with a little bit of trap, solid amount of bass, and sprinkles of electro-pop. So, what’s not to love about it?

Dab The Sky is the collab between Dabin and Said The Sky. Until this line up dropped,we had no idea the two performed together very often, but they’ve been doing it for over 5 years now. This B2B is expected to garnish a lot of attention, and this set is easily in the running for best set of the day. If you enjoy Slander, Illenium, and Seven Lions, don’t miss this one!

Koven is the project of lead vocalist/DJ Katie Boyle and producer Max Rowst. There’s a lot of hype around their energy and captivating vocals. In harmony with the singing, we should see a nice dose of drum and bass. V2 posted some artist comps last month to ShockOne, Delta Heavy, and Sub Focus. Feels right, but we also think of bass artist Haliene based on how they operate.

Reaper will feature drum and bass for bass enthusiasts. With a wide-ranging sound, this set will surprise a lot of people who haven’t seen him live. Reaper has only been performing live for about 4 years; not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks while playing drum and bass.

UK-based producer, Culture Shock has been banging out drum and bass tracks on and off for 20 years. He has a handful of releases you may have heard as well as a new track out, called “Get To Me,” which draws on inspiration from the London club scene in the late ‘90’s. If you haven’t caught on yet, Saturday is loaded with D&B.

Ace Aura B2B Skybreak will be like watching a tornado shotgun eight Red Bulls and rip across the Salt Lake. Get ready to turn up. A good way to think about this style of music is less bass-y and more harmonic or future riddim. It’s an extremely unique, chorded sound. Not sure if we’re the only ones, but you can’t help but think you’re in an intense video game or listening to an anime intro at times. Chime, Au5, Virtual Riot to give you more ideas.

Great Dane should bring us mostly hip-hop and trap. He has roots in choral music and classical/musical theater, adding in a layer of emotion into his music. As far as released music goes, Great Dane released a new album halfway through last year, but also has albums dating back to 2013. Could be another pleasant surprise here!

Kowta B2B TLZMN are two up and coming drum and bass artists, but we wouldn’t be shocked if we heard a little variety of bass and trap too. This is our shot in the dark for the set we look back on and are shocked that Get Lucky had as an opener. Bonus points if you can figure out what TLZMN stands for before we do…


Not enough ravers arrive early, but we will always side with the camp who says to get there on time and support your local talent! You paid for it, it’s a chance to discover new music, and it’s a perfect time to take photos, grab a drink, etc. Married With Turntables doesn’t have any released tracks yet, but they have individual mixes on mixcloud under DC Haze & Julliette. This is Ember’s first Get Lucky appearance and first V2 festival. 


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