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Written by: Shay Coulson

Jared Ray’s Conduit

Demonstrating a strong sense of purpose within multiple outlets of creation, Jared Ray leans into his art with integrity. His latest album, Conduit – nearly a decade in the making – ventures beyond musical norms. It manifests as a collection of honorable tracks from his archives over the years, narrowed down to twenty-five selections which reflect his deepest core values and inner philosophies. With traces of classical music, electronic production and trap influence, Conduit becomes a unique listening experience in its own right. Its meditative yet experimental nature opens up new pathways for exploration within the psyche and on the dance floor.

Photo: Kelly Hannah

A sudden impulse led to the release of Conduit. “The day I decided to do it, I uploaded it. It was never a forethought. I get really excited about something and if I don’t act on it, it’s gone and I don’t do it,” Jared says. The evolution of Conduit is a compilation of several sources of inspiration mostly gained during the pandemic. His motive was tapping back into his roots and sparking excitement again. “I was going to release four individual ten-song albums and have a psychological journey where you can outline the progression of each album”. But it didn’t happen that way, and for good reason. Conduit’s charm emanates from Jared’s spontaneous ignition and compulsion to create. 

Some of Conduit’s notable tracks, such as LETS GET BACK, include bass-heavy elements intended to pull the listener into animalistic, shadowy states. It’s no coincidence that Jared meticulously studies Jungian theories relating to the integration of repressed aspects of the human experience. “Part of my purpose is to bring a fullness to the human experience by getting people more comfortable with the darkness,” he explains. Jared’s principles seamlessly align with his music, creating a true conduit for deeper sentiments. “We all hide some human aspects of ourselves. [Conduit] is a stepping stone to show up a little bit more in my heavy elements”.

Dedicated to his truest expression and leading with authenticity, Jared Ray soars as a prominent local artist. Stream Conduit on major music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, and stay in the loop with Jared Ray on Instagram @jaredraygilmore.

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