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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Cara Mia

For Creativity’s Sake with Joyuhs

Finding deep purpose in creation, local artist Joyuhs rises from the ashes. With no expectation of outcome and a strong sense of momentum for their craft, they’ve embarked on a rare musical journey: creating a song each day for 365 consecutive days. 

In their 365 day series, Joyuhs speaks of their inventive process as a typical routine. “It’s part of my normal process. Every single day I’m making something,” they say. It takes a sort of creative ingenuity to construct a different track each day in such a casual manner. Their purpose of sharing their work stems from a genuine admiration for sharing a story through music. “Keeping your art to yourself is selfish,” they tell me.

@joyuhs i am so thankful that i get to create each day, and share it with you. if you are wanting to do something. do it! every dream that you hold dear, is something worth pursuing. today's song talks about the importance of "decisions". if your soul, heart, and mind desire something. who are you to deny that? you are meant for greatness. “decisions” is the seventy-first song in my 365 series. leave a comment with a word or phrase, and i will make a song out of it! love, joyuhs #artist #producer #engineer #writer #singer #joyuhs #motivational #abundance #fypシ #artisttips #producertips #musictips #motivation #create ♬ decisions - joyuhs

Although creating each day comes naturally to Joyuhs, their 365 day project doesn’t come without some challenges. The time limit sets a new opportunity for them to push themselves. “I was so used to making things everyday, but I would just sit with them. The challenge has really been a blessing because of that need to complete it each day and share it with people,” they explain. They use fluctuating emotions as fuel to inspire each track. “Whatever mood I’m in, my job is to replicate that. It’s not my job to critisize my work – my job is to create”. In that manner, their music evokes sonic languages which cross the bounds beyond genre. Each track embeds its own unspoken beauty, open to interpretation from listeners. “It’s like an abstract painting. Everyone’s going to take away from it what they can,” they say.

Joyuhs releases their debut single Dream on Saturday, June 17th. Their intention remains noble and sincere; aiming to spread joy and uplift others through the powerful healing modality of music. You can listen to Dream on all music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, and follow along with Joyuhs’ 365 day series on Instagram and TikTok @joyuhs. 

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As Joyuhs scratches the surface of their palpable potential, they remind us of the importance of realness and vulnerability, but mostly they leave us with an encouraging message to create simply for creativity’s sake.

Photo: Natalie Jane

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