Artist Spotlight: Weir • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

Artist Spotlight: Weir

Enter into a lush electronic trance with Weir. The Colorado-based producer envelops listeners, taking them on a mystical musical voyage. His new EP, Ithaca is a powerful new testament to where his journey has taken him and what he’s capable of as an artist. 

“My music is very cinematic. I always try to lean into creating an atmosphere and space that’s very visual for the listener,” Weir explains. He creates a story in the mind’s eye, connecting sound with spirit in a transcendental reverie. There’s an uplifting balance in his sound where you can find equal satisfaction listening while laying down with headphones or getting down on the dance floor. Weir’s pivotal inspiration came from electronic artists such as ODESZA and Rüfüs du Sol. Adding instrumentation into live performances helped to shape his relationship with making music, providing a powerful outlet for him. “Music helps me slow down and express what I’m feeling, which is very necessary for me,” Weir says.

Something special about Ithaca is Weir’s method of pulling energy from natural landscapes into his music. He tells me of his upbringing near the Redwoods, and how this shaped the way he found connection to the earth and to himself. Ithaca contains rich elements of sound which transport you to a jungle-like state, into a dense green rainforest. Full of body and flavor, his technique produces an enhanced electronic experience.

Listen to Ithaca in its entirety here:


You can also catch Weir performing live this Saturday at Syndicate, warming up the stage for headliners Dreamers Delight and The Sponges. “For this show, I want to blend a broader world and picture of what I really love. [I want to] walk people through the world I see in my mind,” he tells me.
Snag tickets to Syndicate at Soundwell this Saturday, June 3rd here.

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