24 Local Artists To Watch In 2024 • Volume

Written by: Shay Coulson

24 Local Artists To Watch In 2024

As Salt Lake City’s music scene accelerates, a massive rise of local talent is readily available to uncover. With more opportunity to showcase live music than ever before, a peaking interest in creative pursuits and booming avenues of media exposure, here are 24 local artists to keep your eye on in 2024:


Genre: Experimental/Electronic


a boy from the sun

Genre: Indie Experimental


Ben Ra

Genre: Hip-Hop


Alec Bang & The Cult Classics

Genre: Psychedelic Rock


Toto Peña

Genre: Alternative/Indie


Silo Red

Genre: Indie


Stella Standingbear

Genre: Alt-Rap


Simba Sax

Genre: Progressive House


Cera Gibson

Genre: Pop


Body Horror

Genre: Rock



Genre: Electronic



Genre: House



Genre: Electronic/Dance


Mercy Seat

Genre: Pop


Lady Infinity

Genre: R&B/Soul


Uma Fuzz

Genre: Rock


Club Mungo

Genre: Pop Rap



Genre: Hip-Hop



Genre: Rock


Strawberry Cough

Genre: Rock


Lord Vox

Genre: Psychedelic Rock


Miah Summers

Genre: Electronic


Dune Moss

Genre: Indie Electronic

Unholy Ghosts

Genre: Rock

*All photos directly from artist’s Instagram*