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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Brannon Brooks

Artist Spotlight: Stereo Ranger

There’s just something that hits different with pandemic-formed bands. Hailing from Pleasant Grove, Utah, new wave rock trio Stereo Ranger emerged from this century’s global pandemic and reconnected with writing and producing music as the world shut down. Now, the trio is set to release a total of 10 singles by the end of the year to make up their forthcoming self-titled debut album.

Volume sat down with frontman Tim Bassett to get an inside scoop on the trio’s current songwriting efforts, upcoming shows, the feeling of live music, and more.

Name: Stereo Ranger

Hometown: Pleasant Grove, UT

Members:  Tim Bassett (frontman, vocals, guitar), Sierra Fry (bass, backing vocals, keys), Ronnie Strauss (drums)

Genre: New Wave Rock

Fun Fact: “I used to be a mailman for USPS. I wore the shorty shorts and all.”

Who are some of the band’s biggest music influences?

Tears For Fears, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Blue October, Adam Deitch

Who is the biggest jokester in the band?


Who is most likely to be late to practice?


What previous albums and releases do you currently have out? 

“We’ve released four singles so far that will help compile our forthcoming self-titled debut album, including “I Wonder,” “Shine,” “Feed The Fire,” and “Super Fine.””

What current projects and new releases are in the works? 

“April 8th we have our next new single “Won’t Give It Away” featuring Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October) coming out! It sounds amazing with his added vocals. It’s about loyalty and companionship, everyone loves a good love song. Those things don’t really exist in the world today as often as we hope so we have to write songs about it haha. It’s our first guest collaboration on our recorded music too. We hope to release 10 total singles over the course of this year that will make up our forthcoming album. We’re currently writing and working on our second album, so a lot of new music is underway.”

“I Wonder” – Stereo Ranger


[Video: Stereo Ranger]

Where can we see you play?

“We’ll be headlining Soundwell this Saturday, April 9th with Poolhouse.”

For tickets, click here.

What is the most inspiring show you’ve attended?

“Around 15 years ago I had a friend take me to a concert in Park City. We saw Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, John Brown’s Body, and Pepper all in one package. They were all in their vans outside the venue, before anyone had huge tour buses. I remember I went to that show and I never felt such a bigger sense of community. The reggae community as a whole offers a huge sense of unity. I hope to bring that more to rock music. It definitely sent me on a path for a lot of years after that. I’ll never forget that night, it gave me the energy to start a band and get in a van and write songs for several years after.”

Where is a dream venue the band would love to play at one day?

“For me, I’d feel like I ‘made it’ if we played Shepherd’s Bush in London. It’s such a beautiful and ornate venue.”

What do you want fans to feel when they listen to your music?

“We want people to feel inspired, romantic, and connect with it on an emotional level. Our songs are about real life experiences, connections with people, loss of those connections. There’s a lot of room with our lyrics to allow people to reflect and get lost in their own way. We hope our music can mean something in such a disposable world.

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