Artist Spotlight: Lilliehouse • Volume
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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Jennifer Julissa Lopez

Artist Spotlight: Lilliehouse

Name: Lilliehouse

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Members: Mike Shirtz & David Mihok

Genre: Indie, Electro-Indie

Fun Fact: We both have ADHD, which makes us very detail-oriented with our music writing and recording.

Music Influences: Glass Animals, Foals, Slenderbodies, Maribou State, Passion Pit, Brockhampton

Biggest Jokesker In Band: “We take turns making really contrived jokes, and end up storyboarding some Key & Peel style skits. David’s jokes are more tasteful and clever, he knows when to stop. But I think I (Mike) am the biggest jokester with no filter or restraint.”

Most Likely To Be Late To Practice: “I live at band practice and I’m still late sometimes.” –David

“Lush” – 2021
“Reach You” – 2021
“Grove” – 2021

Current Projects & New Releases: Most recent single “Backstroke” featuring Isaiah Roulac, listen here.

Upcoming Shows: September 22nd at Soundwell with Cal In Red and Small Lake City. Tickets can be found here.

Favorite Past Show: “We had our first show in late June for a family called Sessions Around The World. They invited us to their patio show in Park City and it was beautiful. We got to play our set surrounded around the forest. It was a great vibe of people just hanging out and having a good time.”

Dream Venue To Play: Any classical ruins, like the Coliseum or Roman Forum

What Do You Want Fans To Feel When They Listen To Your Music?: “A lot of artists focus on storytelling through their lyrics, but for us we’re interested in senses and having people feel present. We really like dreams and surrealism, we like to call ourselves absurdists. We don’t feel like life has an inherit meaning, but music and art can help us embrace the present moment to be conscious and aware. We want people to feel present and find their own meaning with the music and have a special moment with it. A lot of our songwriting is through our stream of consciousness and we go back and listen and sometimes surprise ourselves from the flow we got in. Hopefully our music can be a transformative sound experience to listeners.”

For more information on Lilliehouse, visit their website.