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Written by: Shay Coulson | Photo(s) by: Aimee May Photography

Artist Spotlight: Cinders

Name: Cinders

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Members:  Montana Smith (vocals/guitar), Adrian De La Cruz (bass), Brad Bennett (drums)

Genre: Alternative Pop, Rowdy Alternative

Fun Fact: We love burgers. We love burgers so much that we have a map of the best burgers from around the nation. We are always looking for new additions too!

Music Influences: Grouplove, Coldplay, 21 Pilots

Biggest Jokesker In Band: Brad

Most Likely To Be Late To Practice: Adrian, but only because he always “just has to brush his teeth and then be good to go.”

Cinders – 2016
Looking Forward To Looking Back – 2018

Current Projects & New Releases:
“Rock Bottom” – 2021 new single off forthcoming album No One’s Home

We’ve released seven songs off our forthcoming album, No One’s Home, with an additional three more songs coming out in a couple weeks. We always try to get a headstart on writing for a new record, but it never happens haha. When the pandemic hit, we were forced to spend time off the road and instead had more time to work on our album multiple days a week.

The bands that used the time wisely to do more songwriting and shape their music over the past year off the road were the groups that were able to stick around. About a month before the pandemic, we had some members leave the band, so this album represents Cinders as our new three-piece group. The album is going to have some new and different sound to our music, but we’re really excited to push it out and see how fans like our new music as a trio.

Upcoming Shows: No One’s Home Album Release Show at The Complex on August 28th. Tickets to the show can be found here.

Favorite Past Show:  There’s two shows that come to mind. The first being a previous Fourth Of July show in Clearfield, Utah. The town is known for putting on the biggest fireworks show in Utah, so it brought around 20,000-25,000 people to watch the spectacle. We had the privilege of playing in front of everyone, which was a really cool moment for us.

We also played a sold-out show in London on our last tour thanks to Alex Rainbird and Beth Patterson. The YouTube channel helps independent artists get more reach and attention, and they helped us sell out our first show in another country. We just did a cool podcast with Alex on our upcoming album. Listen to the podcast here.

Dream Venue To Play: We have a lot of dream venues around the world, but definitely the biggest dream we have is to play a sold out Red Rocks Amphitheatre. That will be epic!

What Do You Want Fans To Feel When They Listen To Your Music?: We want fans to feel something. With this new record and also our previous songs, our lyrics are kind of sad but we write music that is really fun and upbeat. We want people to feel whatever they need to, whether it be an escape of what they’re going through, enhance their current experiences in their lives, and create memories. Our music is very emotional and connective, and we hope that we can connect with our fans in that way, being relatable and vulnerable with them.

For more information, visit the band’s website.