Artist Spotlight: Brother. • Volume
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Written by: Jocelyn Van Saun | Photo(s) by: Taylor Elaine Photography

Artist Spotlight: Brother.

Name: Brother.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Members: Chuck Emery (lead vocals and guitar), Scott Knutson (drums), Erika Goodwin (guitar), Nathan Standage (guitar and keys), Eli Pratt (bass)

Genre: Indie Alt-Rock

Fun Fact: “Only one of us is originally from Utah. Three of us are from Washington and one from Arizona and then Erika is from Logan, Utah.”

Who are some of the band’s biggest music influences?

“This is hard because we all have different influences. As for me (Chuck Emery), I always say Bright Eyes, Wallows, Porches, and Timber Timbre.”

Who is the biggest jokester in the band?

Chuck or Erika

Who is most likely to be late to practice?


What previous albums and releases do you currently have out? 

Volume I – 2016
Volume II –
Volume III – 2021


What current projects and new releases are in the works? 

“We just released Volume III, but we’re working on a remix EP for one of the songs on that album. It’s pretty cool.”

Where can we see you play?

“We’re playing a set of shows later this month in Utah opening up for the Plain White Ts. We’ll kick off on January 26th at Logan, UT’s Ellen Eccles Theater, January 27th at Vernal, UT’s Vernal Middle School, and January 29th at St. George, UT’s Cox Performing Arts Center. We’re also excited to be playing at SXSW this March in Austin, TX. Tickets to all of our upcoming shows can be found here.”

What are some of your favorite past shows?

“This year we played at Ogden Twilight with Grouplove. That show was so fun because there were so many people there. Grouplove was awesome, they’re super nice. It was the end of our tour as well, so it was cool to come back to a ‘hometown show’ that was sold out.”

What are your hopes, professional and personal, for 2022?

“Lots of touring is what we’re hoping for. We’re trying to hit up a bunch of cities we haven’t played for before, jump on tour support with some other cool bands, and have some headlining dates in there. We’re basically just riding the wave of our new album for a little bit.”

What’s one of those cities high up on your list?

“A place we’re looking at is Roswell, New Mexico. I’ve been told there’s not a huge music scene, and they only really have alien stuff, so any chance people there have to come to a show, they take it. I’m stoked for that because I love aliens and love people coming to shows.”

Where is a dream venue the band would love to play at one day?

“In SLC specifically, Vivint Arena. Outside of SLC, I’d really love to play at The Observatory in Los Angeles.”

What do you want fans to feel when they listen to your music?:

“How do I say this … we want them to feel sad in the most groovy way possible. With the music, we try to keep things lively, but our lyrics are always sad.”

For more information, visit Brother.’s website.